little yucca is an eco-friendly label, designed for little ones in collaboration with illustrators who well reflect the naïve and playful world of childhood.

In little yucca, our collections are as gender neutral as possible. We never want to attach colors to kids as we believe all colors look good on all kids! This is basically our design philosophy… Bold colors and quirky illustrations are what defines us. The illustrations are either made for little yucca or specially selected by little yucca. On the label tag of each piece, you will find the name of the illustrator who shaped the artwork. 

We design for little ones, so obviously their health and comfort is precious for us! We produce everything with GOTS certified 100% organic cotton. The fabrics are as soft as possible for the delicate skin and the designs are practical to dress. All illustrations are printed with water-based dyes.

This is actually all to create a unique alternative to babywear… And our biggest hope is to see a “little yucca” design becoming one of those all-time favorite pieces your little one has worn!

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