Gozde is a Netherlands based illustration artist. She has been drawing since she could hold a crayon and she is a professional illustrator for the last 4 years. She has illustrated for more than 50 projects in many countries as such the Netherlands, Switzerland, France, Australia, United Kingdom, Singapore and Turkey. This includes book projects, kids’ textile, board games and editorial projects. She also created her own books, “Kids Can Draw” and “Today I’m Going To”, colorful activity books for kids! They are published in Turkey and soon they will be travelling to Europe.

She loves collaborating with amazing publishers and various creative souls valuing sustainable living and equality. Besides being an art enthusiast, she loves yoga, classical music, and zero-waste cooking and writing for kids. Gözde contributed in little yucca's SS2022 collection "Underwater".


Mısra Karahan was born in 1998 in Akhisar. She grew up with the love of nature and animals. She loves to walk in the forest and discover new things. She studied painting at the Fine Arts High School. She completed his undergraduate education at Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Graphics. She loves drawing and children's books since her childhood. She has been illustrating children's books since 2017. She loves to draw, study and read children's books.Mısra  contributed in little yucca's SS2021 collection "Summer Party" and SS2022 collection "Underwater".


Gökçe İrten, visual designer and illustrator, received her BFA with honors from Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and MA in Visual Arts and Communication Design from Sabanci University. She researched her thesis on design principles of a children’s picture book. She attended Children’s Book Illustration classes in University of Arts London. Gokce currently lives and works in Istanbul.

Gökçe contributed in little yucca's AW2017 collection "Little Yucca Goes Camping", AW2018 collection "Outer Space", AW2019 collection "Grow Your Own", SS2021 collection "Summer Party" and AW2021 collection "Winter Wonderland"


Kayansel has studied industrial design but never worked as one. She became a strategic planner and served various brands for the last ten years but always kept painting for stress management. After moving to Barcelona in 2018 she did an illustration masters without knowing that it would become her new profession. Her first commissioned job was for Little Yucca. Now she keeps designing illustrated products under her brand “Kayansel”. Her abstract narration, symbols, sarcastic tone of voice always makes fun of the world. 

Kayansel  contributed in little yucca's AW2020 collection "Follow the Beat" and SS2020 collection "The Explorers".


He was born in Istanbul in 1983.
After starting Marmara University Faculty of Fine Arts, he produced illustration projects with various advertising agencies during his student years and won awards from various competitions such as Crystal Apple, Red Advertising Awards and GMK Graphic Design Awards. He produced projects with many local and global brands.
Kalkavan, expressing his own world by emphasizing vivid colors and humorous elements in his illustrations; combines this approach with the different techniques and unique characters it applies.

Murat contributed in little yucca's AW2020 collection "Follow the Beat".


Gamze Yalçın is a Turkish visual artist based in Berlin. She studied a degree in Interior Architecture at Mimar Sinan Fine Art Universty in Istanbul. Discovered art & illustration world while working as an interior designer and became one of her bigger passions.She has participated in many national and international exhibitions. Focused on mural painting, illustration and painting. Her works is characterised by a colorful palette, cosmic signs, love, female power and journey stories.Gamze contributed in little yucca's AW2020 collection "Follow the Beat".


Atelier Mave is a Milan based illustration and surface pattern design studio, founded by Berran Aktuglu with a passion for creating colorful and quirky illustrations and products.

She defines Atelier Mave as her playground where she freely draws her own lines. She is particularly inspired by the vintage objects & clothes, retro films, childhood memories, old picture books, nature and simple things of everyday life; she remolds all of these inputs and creates her own light-hearted characters where she turns them into Mave’s own playful alphabet.

Berran designs patterns for all sorts of products for children and adult markets in fashion,stationery, home design,... And she also works on editorial illustrations for magazines, book covers, posters, apps and e-books. Berran contributed in little yucca's AW2019 collection "Grow Your Own".


Born in 1988,Ece Ciftci is a freelance graphic designer and illustrator based in Istanbul. She enjoys playing with words and pictures to capture the joys and absurdities of human nature. After receiving her B.A. degree in Psychology and Studio Art with a concentration in Photography from the University of Virginia, Ece completed a portfolio program specializing in Art Direction in Miami Ad School, San Francisco. While working at advertising agencies in New York and Istanbul, Ece has discovered her passion for storytelling and illustration through making side projects. Since 2017, her work has been displayed in group exhibits including the PMS Augmented Reality Show, in Bant Mag. Havuz - Istanbul and the 13th edition of Tapirulan Cultural Associaton’s CIAO exhibition at Santa Maria della Pietà Cultural Center in Cremona, Italy. Çiftçi’s book Yokhayvanlar/Nonanimals (published by Can Çocuk 2018) got shortlisted for the Nami Island International Picture Book Illustration Concours 2019 and took part in the exhibition in South Korea.Ece contributed in little yucca's AW2019 collection "Grow Your Own".


Beril Ates was born in Ankara, Turkey. She received her B.A. in Graphic Design with first ranked degree in Bilkent University. During her college education she took fashion / editorial / cartoon illustration classes in IED Barcelona, Spain. Following her graduation, Ates founded illustration based design brand Kafa Cizimhane and started applying her drawings to design products.Beril continued her education at Parsons School of Design, New York in Printmaking. She attended course workshops at various museums including The Metropolitan Museum of Art. She opened 6 solo exhibitions in Ankara, Istanbul and New York; and contributed group exhibitions since 2009. As an artist, she considers art not only to draw & illustrate but also to transfer in to different mediums and make an impact on people.As a road-tripper, she keeps art journals to record memories. She teaches her art methods through private classes and workshops & collaborates with corporate firms in designing artworks. She currently lives in Istanbul and continues creating, illustrating and dreaming. Beril contributed in little yucca's SS2019 collection "Blue Voyage".


Eda has at various times been a resident of four of the world's most fascinating metropolises, and it shows. Born amidst the minarets and cobble stones of Istanbul, she moved to London to study and embark on her career, to New York to write and illustrate her first children's book, and to Paris to venture into new creative design projects. Cities, their hustle and bustle, have not only featured largely in her life, but also in her body of work, where the interactions between nature and urban settings have always been a central theme. Her work displays a beautiful playfulness with form and colour, while striking a delicate balance between digital, painting, drawing and collage, that forces you to stop and pay attention.'
Alex Spiro, Creative Director and Co-Founder of Nobrow and Flying Eye Books.

Studying illustration at Central Saint Martins in London, Eda developed a love for traditional printmaking and collage that lead to collecting paper ephemera, 50s fashion catalogues and old family photos to populate her detailed compositions. Eda obtained her MA in Communication Design from Central Saint Martins in 2010 and has worked across editorial, design and advertising since then, as well as taking part in a variety of exhibitions internationally. Eda is also a founding contributor to Nobrow.

Eda contributed in little yucca's SS2019 collection "Blue Voyage". 


Sadi Tekin is a Brooklyn based industrial designer and illustrator originally from Turkey. He was born in Ankara, Turkey in 1976 and got his degree in Industrial Design at Marmara University, Istanbul. He’s been working on children’s books, 3d printable illustrations and is interested in typography.

Sadi contributed in little yucca's SS2019 collection "Blue Voyage". 


Nanna is from Denmark and was born in 1995. She’s currently based in Copenhagen and there she spends her time working as a barista while drawing on the side. She finished a semester at university studying Danish and almost finished a semester to become a teacher but dropped out of both schools. Now she’s taking her time to figure out what she really wants to do. Meanwhile she’s working her way towards writing a children’s book and growing her business.

Nanna contributed in little yucca's AW2018 collection "Outer Space". 


He was born in 1983, Izmir, Turkey. 2000-2004 , he studied animation in Anadolu University Fine Arts Faculty, Animation department. He received a scholarship from Film School Zlin in 2004. After his 3 years of traditional animation studies in Film School Zlin, in 2008 he was accepted to Tomas Bata University, Visual Communication Faculty, Animation department and he gratuated from this university in 2011.n Since then, he works in animation & advertising industry in Prag, Czech Republic.

Denizcan contributed in little yucca's AW2018 collection "Outer Space". 


H.Sercan Tunali was born in Edirne/Turkey, in 1983. Due to his family’s business conditions,he travelled around Turkey, and had the chance to live in various cities.His studies began as a gifted student when he was accepted to an high school of fine arts in Antalya, in 1997. In 2001, he was admitted and ranked third to Anadolu University, Faculty of Fine Arts, to study Animation. During his education, he participated in many official exhibitions, made miscellaneous collaborations, and also worked in a student magazine as an illustrator and writer. He made an animation film for his senior project and it was appreciated and shown by many film festivals both domestic and international. He also found the love of his life by the help of this film :) When he graduated from college, he went to Sydney/Australia both to study, and to participate as a supporter in some projects about character design and animation. He then came back to Turkey to kick his career start. He has been working in animation industry for 8 years.

Sercan contributed in little yucca's SS2018 collection "Surprise Me!". 


Çiğdem “Chi” Michalski is an illustrator, artist and occasional art director in Seattle, working under the name of ChiChiLand. For the past decade she was a half of the creative duo running Istanbul’s beloved motion design studio – imago. These days she focuses on art and illustration while continues to create work in the field of animation and design.

Chi contributed in little yucca's SS2018 collection "Surprise Me!". 


Was born and raised in Istanbul, Turkey. She lived in the USA for 10 years where she first studied economics at Harvard College, then finance at Wharton Business School. She worked as a consultant for Bain & Co in Boston and Milan. In 2004 she returned to her native city to take a role in running her family's business in yarn manufacturing, where she discovered her passion for design and illustration. Since in 2011 she has been working in this wonderful field, illustrating both for Rumisu, a creative project she jointly started with her  sister, as well as several fun free lance projects. 

Pınar contributed in little yucca's SS2018 collection "Surprise Me" and SS2017 collection "Hello World".  


Born in Istanbul in 1985, Sedat Girgin graduated first from Istanbul Anadolu FineArts Highschool Painting and then completed Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University Industrial Design major. He illustrated around 80 books in several publishing houses. He worked in magazines and agencies as a freelance illustrator. In 2007, he completed a book called “Karıncanın Kardeşi” with Suna Dölek and it was translated to german. He won the first place in Art Vespa design competition in 2010. In 2014, he became the cover illustrator of The Guide Istanbul magazine. Internationale Jugendbibliothek picked one of the books he illustrated, “Tembel Balık Sefa” and included it in White Ravens 2015 catalogue. His book illustrations were presented in Bratislava Illustration Bienal. The artist participated in several local and international exhibitions and worked as a member of the board forxxxx. He did his first solo exhibition in 2013. Sedat Girgin is nominated for 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Award for Illustration. He lives and works in Istanbul.


Sena was born in 1982, in Istanbul. She graduated from London Central Saint Martins Arts College, Graphic Arts and Design Department in 2006. She worked on socially responsible art projects and exhibited her work in various areas of England and Istanbul. She was one of the two creators of the project named Tershane, that started in 2006. Her solo shows at x-ist were 2 (2009),  Angle (2010) and Fantastic 4 (2011). She also took place in Contemporary Istanbul’06, 07, 08, 09, 10 & 11, Start-2009 (14thEuropean Contemporary Art Fair, Strasbourg, France), VIP Art Fair 2012, Art Dubai 2012 and SCOPE Basel 2012 fairs. Her solo exhibition named 5, in 2014, and another solo exhibition, 6, in 2016 took place at The Empire Project. Again in 2016, her first solo exhibition abroad took place at New York Sleep Center. Currently, Sena lives in Istanbul and she is one of the active members of the artist initiative, The Signs of Times.