Little Yucca Circled

We are now ready to to take the responsibility we carry in our production cycle one step further. 

With our new Little Yucca "Circled" project, we aim to bring used Little Yucca products back to life.

The biggest damage caused by the textile industry to the environment is our clothes turning into garbage. For this reason, our main goal has been to design and produce long-lasting clothes since our establishment. Our dream of keeping the Little Yucca designs you love or sharing them with your loved ones was a part of the manifesto we wrote on the first day. One reason for this was our hesitancy to create a new burden on the Earth while producing.

As Little Yucca, we now take responsibility to further extend the life of each piece we produce. We take back our designs that have finalized their time in our customers' homes, that are worn to a level that can be repaired. We begin to act as an intermediary to take our products that are professionally cleaned and whose minor defects are repaired to their next users.

In the first phase of the project, we are starting to accept all Little Yucca branded jumpsuits and rompers in sizes 0-24 months to be brought back to life in our Fenerbahçe store. In exchange for the used Little Yucca brand items you deliver to us, your gift certificate, which you can use at our Fenerbahçe store or online store, will be activated in your name within 1 year. You can use this voucher to purchase new pieces from all our collections, or if you wish, you can purchase a used, cleaned and "circled back" product from the "Circled" corner in our Fenerbahçe store.

Q & A

What kind of items can be "Circled"?

During the first phase, we only accept Little Yucca labeled jumpsuits and rompers with sizes that change between 0-24months. 

I have Little Yucca items that I want to circle back to life. What should I do?

Please bring them to our Little Yucca Fenerbahçe Store. That is where we can only accept used items currently. The address is: Fenerbahçe Mah. Mahur Sok. 4-6 A-B, Kadikoy, Istanbul, Turkey. 

Can I just send photos of the used items before coming to the store to make sure my items will be accepted?

Ofcourse. If you want to make sure that the item can be accepted, please send us photos by email to with subject "Circled".

Can I ship the items to you instead of dropping them off to Little Yucca Fenerbahçe Store?

If you want to ship the items to our store, you have to first email photos of the items to and receive a confirmation email. The shipping cost, which is 70 TL need to be paid by the sender and this cost will be deducted from the gift certificate amount. 

What amount will I receive as the gift certificate and how can I use the certificate?

For each Little Yucca romper / jumpsuit, you will currently receive 150 TL. You may bring back maximum of 5 items each month. The gift certificate can either be used at our online shop or at our Little Yucca Fenerbahçe Store. You are able to purchase any of the items that are available with your gift certificate and the certificate is valid for 1 year. 

What happens to the items I bring to the store and "circle"?

Each items is first sent to our atelier for the first quality control step. If there is any minor damage in the item, our production team repairs it carefully. If there are any stains, our team removes them with professional cleaning items. Finally, the product is dry cleaned and ironed to take a journey back to our store.

 I have more questions! What should I do?

Please write them here and do not forget to include your contact information.