Our collections consist of functional but fun, timeless pieces that can become a part of kids' everyday lives. The idea is to make sure each piece can pass from kid to kid. Therefore most of our designs are gender neutral in terms of both style and color. We never want to attach colors to kids as we believe all colors look good on all kids.

We collaborate with illustrators in every collection and put their artwork on our timeless pieces and their name on the tag. This is because we also care for the amazing work that illustrators do for childrens clothing and think that they need to be praised. Finding their name on the tag of each piece is our way of applauding the artistry.

Functionality is a key element in Little Yucca designs. The sleepsuits always have double-way zippers, the tops for babies always have snaps on shoulder, the pants always have the softest elastic band... This is all to ease the dressing and the diaper changing processes that can sometimes become a burden for the parent and the little one. We don't sew tags on our pieces as we know, you always have to cut them. We care for the comfort of kids. The label and care instructions are printed inside the garnments.


Our 100% organic cotton jersey, fleece and terry fabrics are produced for us in Turkey. Our brief for our fabric producer is always to ensure the softest touch. This because we care for the delicate skin of our users. And all our fabrics are GOTS certified. GOTS is the worldwide leading textile processing standard for organic fibres including ecological and social criteria. For more information on GOTS you may see:

We source our GOTS certified 100% organic cotton denim fabrics from Orta Anadolu, the  largest denim fabric producer in Turkey, well known with their work on sustainable denim production. To create our denim line, we utilize the excess fabrics from their stocks and turn them into little


The production of the garments take place in Izmir, Turkey, in small, family-owned ateliers. Producing in small quantities with ethical working conditions may mean higher costs, but that is a cost that we are more than willing to take. We have been working with the same people for production for more than 5 years now. Expertise and focused work ensures our high quality. This is something we have worked hard to achieve, because endurance of baby and kids clothing is not only important for families, but also for the planet. We want to make sure our designs keep circulating around different familes and do not turn into waste.


When you purchase from Little Yucca, we ship your orders in bio-degradable plastic bags that have been produced for us. When you ask for gift packs, we use re-usable cotton bags. Apart from our own showroom in Fenerbahce-Istanbul and our online shop, you can find our designs in several shops who understand and care for our values. The list of our current retailers can be found here.

As Little Yucca, we are always happy to answer questions, get feedback or just meet! Please feel free to contact us here.