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      How Should Babies Be Dressed in Winter?

      How Should Babies Be Dressed in Winter?

      Winter is here, so how should babies be dressed in winter? If you're worried about keeping your baby warm in the winter, this post can help you choose the perfect winter outfit for your baby!

      More Layrs!

      Because babies lose heat faster than adults, experts recommend dressing your child in one more layer than they would normally wear. For example, if a sweater over the body is sufficient for you, it would be more appropriate for your baby to wear one more layer. When babies are dressed in layers, a layer of air is formed between the clothes, this air layer acts as a protection for the baby from the cold.

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      We lose most of the heat from our heads, so it's a good idea to wear a hat that covers the ears when dressing babies, especially in winter.

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      The stroller!

      When you go out with the stroller, you can take a precaution against the cold by covering the inside of the car with a cover and a cover over the baby.


      Babies' skin is sensitive, experts agree that a light moisturizer can be applied on cold winter days to moisturize their skin and prevent cracking.

      How do you know if your baby is cold?

      If your baby gets teary, irritable, or starts to cry, it could be a sign that your baby has a cold. Also, blue lips, chills, or an unusually pale appearance in the nose or ears are also signs of severe chills.

      How to Dress a Newborn Baby?

      How to Dress a Newborn Baby?

      Dressing a newborn baby may seem like an easy task at first glance. After all, you're just dressing up, right?

      Not really! There are many points to consider when dressing your newborn baby. Their skin is sensitive and can get irritated quickly, so it's important to scrutinize your newborn baby when dressing them.

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      We will summarize how you should dress your newborn baby item by item.

      • When choosing clothes, take care to choose pieces that will provide maximum comfort and reduce irritation. We have mentioned above that the skin of babies, especially newborn babies, is very sensitive. Cotton is a good choice for babies' skin because of its breathability. It is healthy to choose soft fabrics made of 100% organic cotton and avoid plastic and other synthetic materials that can irritate the skin.

      • Don't forget to buy clothes suitable for the weather conditions and the season! The thickness or model of the clothes of newborn babies born in summer and newborn babies born in winter months will not be the same.

      • You can buy clothes in different colors for your baby. According to color psychology, colors have the power to affect mood, and colors can trigger your baby's emotions. E.g; light colors can have calming effects on your baby.

      • Make sure you buy enough clothes because babies grow fast, especially in the first few weeks!

      • Front zippered clothes provide an advantage to dress your baby more easily. For this, you can choose clothes with front zippers made of organic cotton.

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      • When dressing your baby after a bath, you should pay attention to the diapers first. You should make sure that you place the diaper completely and that it does not disturb your baby.

      • To protect your baby from the cold of the autumn and winter seasons, you will need to dress your baby in a body that will help them maintain their temperature before putting on their clothes.

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