How to Dress Babies at Night in Summer

How to Dress Babies at Night in Summer

“How to dress babies at night in summer” is one of the most frequently asked questions for families with babies about the upcoming summer months. Family elders give different advice on how to dress babies in the summer, and it may be confusing for you. So, how should babies be dressed in summer?


Summer heat is getting closer and closer. In recent years, with the seasons becoming increasingly different in our country, the summer temperatures have started to reach sweltering levels. You must be thinking about how to dress babies on these hot summer days. Before we learn how to dress them, we need to know when babies feel cold.


Do Newborn Baby Feel Cold in Summer?


It takes time for a newborn baby to get used to our world. The newborn baby, who gets used to the warmth in the mother's womb, becomes sensitive to heat during the first month. In this one-month period, the body of the newborn baby learns to adapt to the external conditions of this new world, which it meets for the first time. It is necessary to be sensitive in the clothing of newborn babies for a month. In this process, it is important to dress the babies one layer more and to use clothes such as baby hats and baby socks.


Choosing organic cotton when choosing newborn baby clothes will be the right choice in summer. Clothing made of organic cotton helps to protect the sensitive skin of the newborn baby with its soft structure.


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After a month, newborn babies adapt to the outside temperature just like us. For this reason, dressing the baby in layers can overwhelm the baby in the summer and cause them to sweat. As child health experts say, you do not need to dress babies who are one month old in layers, so that my baby will not catch a cold. Especially in the summer months, it is recommended not to dress the babies in layers so that they do not sweat and to prefer organic baby clothes made of organic cotton. Of course, you can always have clothes such as a baby cardigan with you to protect them from sudden temperature changes in the air.


How to Dress Babies to Sleep in Summer


While babies sleep in summer, if the air temperatures are very high, they may be uncomfortable when dressed in thick clothing. That's why we recommend you to choose a summer baby sleepsuit made of thin and sweat-proof organic cotton so that your baby will be comfortable and have a good sleep. In order for babies not to sweat at night in summer months, organic cotton prevents sweating with its antiperspirant feature and protects your baby's sensitive skin with its soft structure.


By checking Little Yucca's organic summer baby sleepsuit models, you can ensure that your baby has a comfortable sleep in summer nights.

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