How to Dress Babies In Summer?

How to Dress Babies In Summer?

As the summer approaches, vacation plans are being made, maybe even already made. Babies love it just as much as we love the sea, the sun, and the beach. There is no one happier than babies playing in the sand as the waves crash on the beach. So, how should we dress babies in summer and protect them from the sun's rays? Let's find out together.


There are some issues that parents of 0-6 months old babies should pay attention to when dressing their babies in summer. It is recommended that babies aged 0-6 months should not be exposed to direct sunlight in summer. Even if parents use high-factor sunscreens for their babies, it is recommended that 0-6 month old babies do not go out to the sun with bare skin in summer. Although some parents think that their babies will not be affected by the sun in seawater the sun's rays are more effective in the sea. That's why parents with 0-6 months old babies should not neglect to dress their babies in baby hats and baby clothes in the summer. With Little Yucca's organic baby clothes, you can keep babies comfortable in the summer heat and prevent them from sweating.


When Can Babies Go Out in Summer?


During the summer vacation, it is recommended to take 0-6 months old babies to the pool or sea before 11:00 in the morning or after 4:00 p.m. The hours between 11-16 am when the sun is most effective. Therefore, you can take your baby to the pool or the sea before 11:00 or after 16:00. It is recommended that you apply high-factor sunscreen to your baby before going out in the sun and renew it every time they get out of the water.


It should not be forgotten that babies need sun and sun rays are the most valuable source of vitamin D. To get vitamin D, which is extremely beneficial for bone development, we can put our babies in the sun by dressing them correctly and protecting them with sunscreens.


What Should Babies Wear to Prevent Sweating in Summer?


During the summer, babies sweat, just like us, by being affected by extreme heat. Babies and children may sweat more than adults because they have more sweat glands than adults. This is a normal situation. It is important to choose the right baby clothes to prevent sweating in babies. Clothes that are thin enough not to be overwhelmed by the heat and that protect them from the sun's rays should be chosen. Since the baby's skin is very sensitive, fabrics that protect the sensitive skin and do not sweat should be preferred. Organic baby clothes are produced from organic cotton and prevent perspiration. With Little Yucca's organic baby clothes, you can prevent babies from sweating in summer and protect their sensitive skin from sun rays.

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