How Should Babies Be Dressed at Night?

How Should Babies Be Dressed at Night?

Winter days are at the door! The weather gets colder at night. You may be wearing an extra coat or covering yourself with something thick to maintain your body temperature at night. So how should you dress your baby at night?


Your baby cannot tell you clearly whether the weather is hot or cold. But there are several ways to check if the minis are at the right temperature.


Body Temperature

One of the best ways to tell if your baby is cold is to touch their chest, if it is cold to the touch, your baby may be cold.


You could not understand whether your baby is cold by touching his chest, or even if you have an idea, you want to be sure; thermometer! Measuring your baby's body temperature with a thermometer may be the best way to find out if he's cold. According to expert opinions, your baby's body temperature should be 36 degrees on average.


Room Temperature

The warmth of the baby's room is essential for babies to have a good night's sleep at night. Babies are more sensitive to changes in room temperature than adults, the room temperature should not be too hot or cold. They can't put their feelings into words, so it's up to the parents to find the right room temperature!


Although it varies according to geographical conditions, the ideal temperature of the baby's room is 22-23 degrees.


Cotton Clothes

Our clothes are our biggest helpers in maintaining our body temperature, and the situation is not very variable for babies! You can choose clothes that help maintain body temperature for your baby. Organic cotton clothes adapt to the conditions, helping to maintain baby's body temperature, whether you live in a hot or cold climate.

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