Advices for First Time Kindergarten Parents

Advices for First Time Kindergarten Parents

It is very difficult to leave your child to the school on the first day of kindergarten. When you hand your child over to the kindergarten service or to the teacher at the door of the kindergarten, they turn to you and look like asking “where are you going”. The adventure of education begins at that moment. If your child is just starting kindergarten, we have some suggestions for you.


Kindergarten plays an important role in socialization and getting basic information for school preparation for kids. In kindergarten, kids take the first step into education in order to better adapt to primary school. There are things that parents can do to help children adapt and feel comfortable in the kindergarten.


How Parents Can Help Their Kindergarten Child


Children starting kindergarten school may take a long time to get used to it. It is very normal for children who will be away from home for the first time to have difficulties. It is very important to support your child during this process. It makes more sense to start with the orientation process when starting the kindergarten. Thus, the child gradually gets used to school and has less difficulties. However, the orientation process should not take too long.


Relationship with the Kindergarten Teacher


If your child has just started kindergarten, it would be helpful to meet the teacher and have a short meeting. In order for the teacher to get to know your child better and understand their needs more easily, establishing a bond with them will also allow you to spend the familiarization period comfortably.


How Should I Dress My Child For Kindergarten?


The kindergarten is a place where children learn to socialize with other children. In this socialization process, activities and games are played continuously. For this reason, it is a point that should be paid attention to the dressing of children who are constantly on the move.


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