NEW COLLECTION: "Summer Party!"

NEW COLLECTION: "Summer Party!"

Last month, as Little Yucca, we shared our 9th collection with you. Exactly 1 year ago, the first summer of the pandemic was the time to choose the theme of our new collection. We knew that a difficult autumn-winter period was waiting for us, and we hoped that better days were ahead for spring. For this reason, we named our collection "Summer Party”.

organic cotton baby rompers

Little Yucca's spring & summer collections mainly consist of short rompers for babies. This season, 100% organic cotton baby rompers that can be used in daily wear come in various styles! As always, we have created a gender-neutral color palette for this collection. Unlike our previous collections, we kept the color variety more than we used to. The easy-to-dress snap and zippered baby rompers come in many color options this season!

organic kids clothing


We are well aware that a lot of babies have now grown with our brand :) For this reason, we expanded our size range to 0-7 years last year. This season we also increased the variety of our 100% organic cotton shorts and t-shirts for children. Produced in relaxed-fit cuts, this series is designed for children to move and play comfortably.   

Apart from the illustrator Gökçe İrten, whom we love to create together, in the "Summer Party" collection, we also worked with a new illustrator. Mısra Karahan, with her super fun illustrations, has now become the youngest illustrator we have worked with:) This " Partying Hippo and the Bear" illustration by Mısra has already become one of the collection favorites!


Together with Gökçe İrten, we designed newborn sets for those who consider Little Yucca products as birth gifts. When you order these gift sets at our online shop, we send them withspecial raw cotton bags. Let us also remind you that we write the note you want and send it for you free of charge.

We hope you love our new collection as much as we do! The spring has not arrived as bright as we hoped for, but we did not give up on the summer. Hoping to enjoy the summer days ahead freely...

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