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Collaboration: Little Yucca x Darwin's Botanicals

Ten years ago, a dear friend of mine bought me a book on "Botanical Dyes" on my birthday. Later, my curiosity on this subject increased and I added different books on this subject to my library. I even thought about getting a course on this subject, but could not put it into practice. Since the first day I founded Little Yucca, it was my dream to produce a part of the collections by applying this precious technique at some point.

However, during the garment production process, it was unfortunately not possible to prepare the fabrics with botanical dyeing and to produce this amount of fabric. While I was thinking about this subject, I came across Darwin’s Botanical! 

Our acquaintance with Tuğay (founder of Darwin’s) actually dates back to the past. Over time, we both fell in love with creating something and established our own brands. When life brought Tuğay back to me, she had decided to turn plant and food waste into colors with her curious and researcher personality, designing marvellous ribbons and accessories. When I offered to design and produce accessories for children together, she was excited like me and we started working immediately!

plant-dyed fabrics

our 100% organic cotton fabrics plant-dyed by Darwin's Botanicals

We, as Little Yucca, took 100% organic cotton, certified fabrics that we knitted specially for ourselves, from their raw form before dyeing and entrusted them to Darwin's Botanicals. Tuğay, on the other hand, started to reveal the colors that could be suitable for our collections one by one using plants in her workshop. First, we produced our teethers. Our headbands followed them. This season, we added our beanies for newborns to our joint collection. Dear Tuğay sewed all of these products with her own sewing machine.

What makes the Little Yucca x Darwin's Botanicals collection so special, apart from every piece we produce, is that we, as 2 women and 2 brands, are really excited to produce these pieces collaboratively. As Tuğay always says, each piece is unique... Colors from nature sometimes surprise us! Sometimes the colors come out differently than we expected. Since all of them are "handmade" in the full and true sense, there are definitely minor differences between them. But if you ask us, these differences also make them special! 

We will continue to expand our collection with different products every season and add new colors. If you want to buy these products with a story for your own babies or make a special birth gift, you can have a look at them in the accessories section on our website or at our shop. One more note: each piece produced with this collaboration is sent with its own cotton pouch and card with our story!

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