Story of Little Yucca

Story of Little Yucca

Little Yucca will celebrate its 4th birthday very soon! 

I said this new age deserves a more useful and more dynamic website and I made a small change on the site. Part of this new change is this blog, which I am eager to write regularly ... In order to tell you the world of Little Yucca a little better, this will be a blog where we will write our story, new products, production processes, collaborations and all kinds of topics that we think might interest you.

As a start, it would be best to tell a little bit about myself and the story of Little Yucca ...

I'm Seray! I am the founder of the Little Yucca brand. The first thing I want to say is this: Contrary to what is expected, Little Yucca is not an initiative that started as a result of being a mother :) I studied Business, Design Management and Fashion Management. I worked in the fields of corporate brand management, brand communication, textile and retailing for 10 years. During those 10 years, I always lived with the dream of creating my own brand. I did a lot of research on sustainable textile products and I had a dream to design sustainable textile products for children before leaving corporate life and even deciding to become a mother. However, I have accumulated various worries and reservations throughout my life and piled them up like a mountain before my decision to embark on this adventure. Then one day I learned in an unpleasant way that life was too short not to go on adventures. A little after that, I became a mother. I swept away all the worries I had accumulated with the back of my hand and founded Little Yucca. 

My first goal was to design clothes for babies aged 0-2, which are eco-friendly, gender-neutral, have a unique design and can be used with pleasure every day, every hour. I had textile knowledge, I had an idea about production ... However, I couldn't say that I was a designer. I could handle the fabrics, colors and product designs. But how would I create the patterns and illustrations? At this point, I decided to collaborate with different illustrators while creating Little Yucca's collections. Thus, I think I managed to turn my most important deficiency into the most differentiating and strongest feature of my brand.

As for the production side, my adventure started by eroding the doors of familiar textile manufacturers in Istanbul. I tried to have a sample sewn for myself in model shops for a year. From the first day, I had all the fabrics of Little Yucca produced by certified manufacturers myself, with the details I determined. I, myself, hand printed the first illustrations made for Little Yucca in the printing houses using the serigraphy method with plates. I marked with my hand the location of each snap to be pressed on the overalls. I carried my products from that workshop to this workshop in the trunk of my car. Thanks to this, I can say that I learned the production and its processes very well.

Playtime Paris 2018
Playtime Paris Fair, Paris / France, June 2018

Since the first day it was founded, my most important goal and dream has been to make Little Yucca an international brand independent of borders. For this, I tried to promote Little Yucca by attending fairs regularly in Paris and Berlin with our own stand. I have been in constant contact with international publications and websites.

It’s been 5 years since we started working on this brand, and exactly 4 years since our first collection was released… Nowadays we are designing our 10th collection! I've had the chance to work with 20 illustrators so far. Little Yucca products are sold in 15 stores in Turkey apart from our own store and in 8 countries apart from Turkey. Although I have been very professional in this business since the first day, I can say that I have taken almost everything myself from the first step to the last step. My biggest chance is that I am able to pass on everything that I cannot do myself (preparing fabrics, sewing products, drawing illustrations, taking photographs, etc.) to people who are really successful in their field. 

I am grateful to everyone who has been part of this adventure until now. I have countless dreams for Little Yucca for the future too! I hope I will have a chance to share them with you here in time. Let this article be a small start. See you in new ones ...

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